About Jo

    I am a designer, business woman, technician, janitor, creative mastermind, and flunky.  I play with fire, solve problems, and burn my fingertips on  buffing wheels.  I am obsessive.  I am compulsive.  I am a jeweler.

    Hi!  My name is Jo.  My studio is a small space of limitless possibilities located in the garage between the cat dish and the recycling.

    I am a graduate of the Metal Arts Program at Humboldt State University, and currently live in Marysville, California with my husband Richard.  I have been designing and making jewelry profes-sionally for over 25 years now.

    Each piece of my jewelry is hand fabricated using a torch and a few hand tools.  So basically, I construct each piece individually.  I do not cast, and there is no mass production involved.

    I exhibit my work in several art shows and craft festivals in Northern California from April through December.  For a listing of upcoming events, please hit the “Upcoming Shows” button.

    The Placerville Art Gallery on Main Street in Placerville, CA, has a large sampling of my work along with other fine crafts and artwork.  It is a very fun place to visit if you are in the area.

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